Rosewater + Lemon Brightening & Toning Hydrating Mist

Rosewater + Lemon Brightening & Toning Hydrating Mist

Rosewater + Lemon Brightening & Toning Hydrating Mist

Already one of our collection best-sellers, our Rosewater+ Lemon hydrating Mist is a treasured favorite from our new 2019 product releases. So much love and time went into this formula despite it’s immense simplicity. 


Traditionally, Rosewater has been used to tone and hydrate the skin, heralding itself as a champion ingredient thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to control oil and pH. This makes it an excellent product for those with eczema or acne, although truly any skin type will benefit from its use. Rosewater is an edible, food grade ingredient that is made through the steam-distillation of large quantities of rose petals. It is said by the ancients to have magical properties which hydrate from the inside out, and is a delicious addition to plain water, tea, smoothies and desserts. (I’ve even sprayed a few mists of our formula into my morning water and love the taste! Yes ladies, it’s that pure and delicious of a product!)


If you’re a Rosewater fan, I’m sure you’ve noticed how many rosewaters out there proclaim to be Pure but have preservatives, fragrances or alcohol hidden on the back of the label in the ingredients. Rosewater is such a shelf-stable power house on its own, it definitely doesn’t need alcohol, polysorbate or any of the fillers used in traditional sprays and toners. We love using pure Rosewater in facial mists particularly because it is so safe for the eyes, and the pure form of Rosewater without any additional ingredients can actually be used on its own as a eye wash.


Fast-forward to how we’ve dressed our formula up up; after lots of different ideas and lab tests, our favorite rendition was actually very simple. We’ve added a touch of California Lemon essential oil to add a brightening quality to the skin thanks to naturally occurring Vitamin C, as well as more complexity to the scent. That’s it! All the other additives seemed to reduce the fragrant value of the Rosewater. This mix is so invigorating; I cant help but use this spray all day as a mood shifting pick-me-up in addition to my AM & PM facial ritual. 


To use in your AM skincare ritual, simply splash your face with water after waking up and spray on the skin to hydrate before applying any oils, creams or makeup. In your PM ritual, spray on after cleansing to tone the skin before adding any nighttime products. We suggest following with our Sweet Orange + Jojoba Restoration Oil for all Skin types (Find a blogpost about it HERE), or our Lipoic Acid + Citrus Brightening Creme for those seeking a dewy, glowing complexion. If you’re interested in learning an entire facial routine for bright, glowing skin, check out a routine we’ve posted HERE


Feel free to email us your feedback at, or write us a review on the product page; we hope all of you love this new sacred creation as much as we do!


Roshan Jihan

VP and head of product development, Camille Beckman

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