Who Are We?

Camille Beckman is a family company committed to creating restorative formulas that balance scientific formulation, natural ingredients and the art of fragrancing. Personal care is our passion; peace is our purpose. In all we do, let it empower our minds, bodies, souls, communities and Mother Earth.

Feeling is Believing.




Started to create jobs for stay-at-home mothers in the late 1980s, Camille Beckman was founded by Susan Camille, an artist who grew up in rural Idaho. The daughter of an agriculture teacher, she became immersed in the studies of flowers,  herbs and perfume at a young age. After moving to Europe and living as a painter and potter in her 20s, Susan came back to Idaho with a vision for a family company that could benefit women while creating a romantic, beautiful experience for customers. Her husband Foad, a geologist and full time engineer from Iran, was a wise and reserved man, and the two worked tirelessly to create, promote and sell her initial products. Inspired by her aunt, Susan launched her first creams and lotion in 1989. Traveling to craft shows and tradeshows across the US, her true success came as people tried the cream. They would put a drop on their hands and come back an hour later completely amazed at how their skin felt and how quickly it had transformed. 

The company grew from Susan's small bungalow to a warehouse space. As a female entrepreneur in the 90’s, Susan fought to remain true to her vision. Rather than molding her company to be driven by profit, she implemented principles grounded in compassion.  She allowed team members to bring their children to work, built a factory in Idaho while others moved overseas, said no to outside investors and hired more team members, many who are still with us today. Susan became known as a job provider in the community, and Camille Beckman as a brand you could count on. Having a young daughter, Susan felt compelled to provide and create opportunities for other children around the world. Realizing her business could be a tool for social change, the Camille Beckman Foundation was realized in 1995. Throughout the years the foundation has contributed to over 120 organizations, building the foundations of tomorrow for our youth and fellow mankind. 

In 1994, Foad left his career as an engineer to bring his expertise in leadership and finance to the team, creating a truly tight-knit, family operation. Susan’s daughter Roshan, who grew up at the company’s side, joined the company full-time in 2013 as head of the marketing and product development team and her husband Danish handles the fast-growing digital side of the company.  In reality, everyone at Camille Beckman is family.  Every individual here plays a part in bringing you the finest body care on the market. We are grateful the added cost of doing business the right way has paid off; Camille Beckman was named the #1 personal care line in the gift industry 18 years in a row and continues to receive countless 5 star reviews from customers and industry influencers alike. 

From initial inception to final creation, today's products are all made at our factory in Eagle, Idaho. Built by the Roghani's and Susan's brother Paul in 2000, and the Camille Beckman factory is located a large plot of unsprayed, energy charged land with an artesian well. With skylights, a water filtration and recycling plant, and other energy saving and amplifying creations, the Camille Beckman factory was the first green building in Idaho and only uses the power of five households despite its size and output. Dedicated to nurturing our little piece of this planet, our factory is surrounded by orchards, vegetable gardens, our sister company Chateau des Fleurs and the beautiful Boise River. 

We view our products as a labor of love, putting immense creativity and research into each project. From our focus on local suppliers and independent retailers to our ingredients and value for human capital, we are committed to consciously creating the positive changes we wish to see in the world. Our products are more than incredible concoctions for your skin. They are an opportunity to spread light, love and knowledge to every home and heart we touch.



We pride ourselves in using the very best ingredients within all of our formulations.  Each line offers unique formulations to suite our differing audiences and their needs.  We are known to spend years cultivating the perfect ingredients and ratios for our formulations and strive for complete transparency with our customers. Read on to learn more!

Camille Beckman Everyday:  Our Everyday line is made with the modern woman in mind and combines natural ingredients with clean, safe synthetics for transformational results. These products are also gluten free and made with rich oils, pure pH balanced water and our signature herbal blend to heal and restore the skin. We do not use parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petroleum by-products, PEGs, TEA, DEA, mineral oil, harsh detergents or artificial colors within these formulas and use 98-100% natural ingredients depending on the product. COMING APRIL 2017.

Camille Beckman Women’s Wellness:  Our Women’s Wellness collection is always 100% natural and utilizes essential oils, herbal remedies and ancient beauty secrets to help you find real solutions to create a life of whole happiness. 

Camille Beckman Classic:  Our Classic collections are comprised of the rich and creamy formulas that have remained the same for 30 years. The products in this collection are all gluten free and made with rich oils, pure pH balanced water and our signature herbal blend to heal and restore the skin. Until now, they contained small amount of artificial preservatives called parabens to sustain shelf-life and consistency.  Effective October 2016, these preservatives have been removed from all products after three years of research and replaced with a cleaner, more natural alternative. Please be patient as we update our labels now through summer 2017. 



We believe we are all connected, and that it is up to every one of us to create a future of love and prosperity. Founded in 1995, the Camille Beckman Foundation was created by our family to fund solutions that uplift our local, national and global community. Our primary focuses are:

• Providing access to food and shelter.

• Programs that offer free basic medical care and critical surgeries in the US and abroad.

• Empowering women and children everywhere through increased access to quality education and programs that assist in safety and liberation from challenging circumstances.

• Assisting in the creation of orphanages, schools and quality programs in disenfranchised communities.

• Nurturing our land and planet for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

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