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The Beginnings

Susan Camille was the daughter of an agriculture teacher and newspaper editor. She grew up in small towns throughout rural Idaho. From her early childhood, such appreciation of all plant types contributed to her philosophy that flowers and weeds are nature’s helpers to aid and heal us.

Old image of Susan Camille and Family


As a young adult, Susan spent eight years traveling through Europe, living the life of an artist. Much of her time was spent studying art history and techniques, while learning how to make painting supplies from scratch and diving further into her herbal studies.


Camille Beckman Founded

Equipped with a lifetime of experience gathering information on botany, extracting, and creating exquisite fragrances, Susan moved back to Idaho in 1986 to start Camille Beckman. Creating work for a forgotten demographic, she hired mothers who wanted to use their hands for creative work and provide additional income for their families.

Vials of fragrances and old photos of Camille products

Susan Foad

Susan marries Foad Roghani, an engineer from Iran, in their home in Boise, Idaho. Susan Camille Beckman becomes Susan Camille Roghani.


Roshan Born and 'Camille' Launched

Susan and Foad’s daughter Roshan (now Camille Beckman's VP) is born in Boise, Idaho. Susan launches her namesake Camille Fragrance the same year, eventually becoming our all-time best seller.

Old photos of a the family, a newspaper article and an original Camille advertisement.

Rose Cottage Giftshop

Camille Beckman officially opens the doors of their first company-owned storefront, the Rose Cottage Giftshop in the Boise Towne Square Mall.

A polaroid photo of the facade of the Rose Cottage Giftshop in the Boise Mall.

Camille Beckman sold in 10,000 locations

From giftshops and boutiques to hospitals and spas, Camille Beckman products can be found in almost every town across the United States.


Best Selling Personal Care Brand

Camille Beckman becomes the best-selling personal care brand in the gift industry - a title it held for over 18 years.


Foundation Started

The company becomes profitable and the Camille Beckman foundation is started to help women, children and forgotten causes.


Camille Beckman Factory

As the company grows, our operations burgeon between eight different buildings in Boise and the need comes to consolidate and create a permenant home. After searching for years, the perfect piece of energy charge farmland in Eagle, Idaho appears. Complete with an artesian well, acres of gardens and a 105,000 sqft production facility, we are dedicated to nurturing our little piece of the planet.

Camille Beckman factory in Eeagle, Idaho on sunny day and an interior photo.

"3 Cups of Tea"

Susan and Foad read '3 cups of tea' by Greg Martenson and pledge their efforts to building schools for girls in war-torn regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.


Dr. Geoff Williams

Susan Camille meets Dr. Geoff Williams, a plastic surgeon who has dedicated his life to helping burn victims and providing cleft palette surgeries to children in the developing world. Together, we fund a smile a day.


Roshan Joins Full-Time

Susan's daughter Roshan Jihan joins the company full-time, placing an emphasis on organic research, company unity and developing new products and foundation initiatives.


Chateau des Fleurs

The Chateau des Fleurs is built next to the Camille Beckman factory. Weekly tea, a promise Susan made her customers for years, is served every Wednesday along with nightly dinner made with ingredients from our on-site gardens. Learn more at www.chateuaeagle.com.

Exterior facade of Chateau des Fleurs on a clear afternoon.

Everyday Collection and Women’s Wellness

After years of discussion and formula tweaking, Roshan and Susan are pleased to bring you our new Everyday Collection. Made from clean ingredients and available in six fragrances, our new formulas provide the modern woman a beautiful, natural journey to skin health.

Blackberry Lavender photo, and a collection of products neatly arranged in the grass.

Going Forward

What a wonderful and fulfilling journey it has been, and promises to be.


Natural ingredients, organic where possible, are ethically sourced from around the world for their powerfully regenerative and therapeutic qualities.


We pride ourselves on using the very best ingredients within all of our formulations. We are known to spend years cultivating the perfect ingredients and ratios for our formulations and strive for complete transparency with our customers.

Coconuts and a jar of Coconut Oil

Key Ingredients

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