Sweet Orange + Jojoba Restoration Oil

Sweet Orange + Jojoba Restoration Oil

Sweet Orange + Jojoba Restoration Oil

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite Camille Beckman products; our new Sweet Orange and Jojoba Restoration Oil


I’ve tried a lot of oils in my lifetime; a lot. In fact, my father’s half of our family lineage, the Roghani side of the Beckman-Roghani clan, means ‘oily’ in Persian. We are descendants of four generations of bazaar merchants specializing in life essentials such as carpets and oils. 


I’ve tried every base oil I know of, both natural and synthetic; from olives to avocados, and tamanu to marula. It’s would be embarrassing to tell you how much I’ve spent (in both time and paychecks) on oil blends and ready-made oil products for every part of the body. At Camille Beckman we use a LOT of oils. Quality oils are part of the secret sauce in almost every one of our products. Good natural oils are not only great for your skins appearance, elasticity and lipid layer health, but when sourced well they are often farmed from renewable resources like almonds, coconuts, sea buckthorn, olives and others nuts and plants that require very little processing and environmental destruction to make it to your bathroom or kitchen sink. Needless to say, when it came to the idea of us releasing our own oil from Camille Beckman, the bar was set high. 


This oil had to feel great, smell great without any artificial fragrancing, and have a plethora of uses to become a leader in an increasingly oversaturated cosmetic market and the new green beauty movement. Who needs 10 products when you could use one for everything? Better yet; what if that product did everything so well that you couldn’t wait to put it on each day and put it to the test when a challenge, like a scrape or skin flare-up, occurred? In order to make the cut, this formula had to be a ‘go-to’ in the home, loved by all. 


I’m happy to report that we love the final version of this formula and use this for Oil for everything in our family home. Now that you know the story behind it, here’s a list of all the ways it can be used. We’d love to hear any additional ways you use the oil; e-mail us your stories at camille@camillebeckman.com to be featured in future blog posts!


With love,

Roshan Jihan

VP & Head of Product Development, Camille Beckman


•Face- AM, PM, after cleansing, or under makeup for a dewy glow. I use three pumps per application; start with one to feel out what’s right for you. Your skin will tell you. Massage in small circular motions, and if you want a truly dreamy experience, remember the forgotten areas like your eyebrows, nostrils and ears. These are all include pressure points and could use the extra love and stimulation.


•Body- Using oils on the body is the densest form of moisturizing as oils are not cut with water like lotions and creams. While the emulsification process of mixing an oil and cream is great for healing cracked skin or other more medicinal uses, straight oil is a great way for people with dry skin to stay intensely and naturally moisturized on a daily basis. Apply as needed; pumps will vary based on how liberally and where you apply!


•Hair- Try a pump on the ends and another tousled through the roots on dry, thick or curly hair for added moisture. Apply dry or wet. Your hair will smell great too!


•Kids- Can be safely used anywhere on the body. Safe if ingested. Bottle is child-application friendly; easy for an older child to use but challenging for a toddler to make a mess with :)


•Mouth- Squirt a couple pumps directly in the mouth and swish for a minute to clear out debris between the teeth and freshen breath. Spit after swishing.


•Reproductive Health- This might make some people uncomfortable, but we’re going to put it out there because it’s important for our health! Women need to be massaging their breast tissue as often as they need to lotion/oil their face and the rest of their body. It's not only important to keep their skin hydrated, it’s also about keeping an eye on any irregularities and knowing your body enough to be aware of any changes without waiting for a medical professional to have to tell you. Our society likes to steer clear of these topics because it makes us uncomfortable, but you only get one body and it’s up to you to take care of it with reverence and appreciation. Our legs take us where we need to go; our breasts nourish our children and regulate key hormones that make us mentally and physically astute. In addition to breast tissue we suggest using this oil for a variety of female reproductive organ needs such as: personal lubricant, moisturizer to keep aging skin elastic, or to properly prepare the perineum before birth to eliminate/ease tearing.

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