Reduce Stress Through the Art of Reflexology

Reduce Stress Through the Art of Reflexology

By Ariana Watson


What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a form of bodywork that targets pressure points on the hands, feet and ears. It’s considered to be similar to other Eastern medicinal practices such as acupuncture, Reiki and massage.


Although the goal for all of these forms of bodywork is to relieve pain and remove energy blockages, they all work in their own individual ways. Below is a brief breakdown:


  • Acupuncture is similar to reflexology as it aims to target specific pressure points, however, acupuncturists work with the entire body. Acupuncturists gently apply small, thin needles to specific pressure points on the entire body to relieve pain and ease energy flow throughout the body.


  • Reiki involves working with the energy field of the body called “qi”. Reiki energy workers aim to clear energy blockages internally, however they typically do not, or very lightly touch the body with their hands. 


  • A masseuse works with the entire body to relieve aches, pains and to help the body relax. Massage work can be done to target specific parts of the body, but is not limited to just one part of the body. A reflexologist may be trained in massage, but they still target the feet, hands and ears. Though reflexology is similar in many ways to massage work, a reflexologist and a masseuse have different educations and practices.

Why does reflexology focus on feet, hands and ears?

The feet, hands and ears are believed to be connected to the body’s internal organs. By applying pressure to these parts of the body, it’s believed to remove internal blockages, ease the “qi”, or life force and to bring relief to the targeted internal parts of the body. 


Reflexologists rely on the knowledge that by applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, hands and ears can bring relief to the internal body. 


What can reflexology relieve?

It’s important to note that reflexology remains an alternative form of bodywork with effects that are still debatable. However, for those interested in this form of bodywork, below is a list of possible ailments this practice can help relieve. 


Reflexology can aid in relieving:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Headaches and fatigue 
  • Digestive and menstrual-related issues
  • Multiple scholorais 


Reflexology is designed to be a relaxing experience and many people have reported drifting in and out of sleep while in a session. Sessions are designed to be relaxing and non-invasive.

Below is a foot reflexology chart:



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Colleen Beckman - February 24, 2020

I have always come back to my feet as they are sending me messages, rub me. Wanting to search for someone to guide me…

Colleen Beckman - February 24, 2020

I have always come back to my feet as they are sending me messages, rub me. Wanting to search for someone to guide me…

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