Camille Beckman's Complete 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Camille Beckman's Complete 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Camille Beckman's Complete 2019 Holiday Gift Guide


It’s the most wonderful time of the year––again! The 2019 holiday season is right around the corner and Camille Beckman has you covered. The key to good gift giving is listening. Listen to your mom or sister when they say they love a certain fragrance, or when your uncle says he struggles with dry, cracking hands. Whoever you’re shopping for this season, Camille Beckman has you covered.

The One Who Loves the Classics

Classic Camille Essentials Gift Basket

If she loves classic scents like Chanel No. 5, we suggest gifting her with another classic, our Classic Camille Essentials Gift Basket. A scent loved by mothers and grandmothers alike, this signature scent from Camille Beckman is a safe bet for those with fine taste, a classic sense of style and with more sensitive skin. This gift basket includes:

For The Tea Lover

Tea with Camille Gift Set

This gift is perfect for anyone who loves a good cup of tea and appreciates classic, floral scents. This Tea with Camille package includes:

For the Men in Your Life 

Camille Beckman’s Men’s Favorite Gift Set

Men typically aren’t gifted with skincare sets and that’s a real shame! Skincare is for everyone, not just the ladies. Surprise dad with Camille Beckman’s Men’s Favorite Gift Set. The set includes:

A Gift for A New Mom

Camille Beckman’s New Mom Essentials

If she’s a new mom, give her the gift of rest and relaxation with the New Mom’s Essentials Gift Set from Camille Beckman. This gift set is designed with a new mom in mind with all-natural products that will be easy on mom and baby. Even if mom isn’t so new to being a mom, this set is a wonderful gift for any mother needing some indulgence and relaxation in their life!

This set includes:

For the Easy Goer

Skin Mists to Refresh and Awaken the Senses

Cosmic Body released in October of 2019 with a mission to bring cool to clean skincare. Perfect for the friend who is always buying the latest thing, give them the gift of the Skin Mist Duo from Cosmic Body. The duo includes two facial skin mists, perfect for toning and refreshing the face, or even the home! All-natural and cruelty free!


Alcohol free with peppermint essential oil

Alcohol free with rose essential oil

For the One with Sensitive Skin

Give Them a Soothing Skincare Set

Does one of your friends or family members suffer from eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin? Then give them the gift of the Vitamin E Unscented Gift Package. All-products are unscented and designed with those with easily irritated skin in mind. Vitamin E aids in skin health, and unscented products are perfect for those who suffer from allergies or who want to layer a fragrance on top of a lotion. This gift set includes:


For the One Obsessed with Hygiene

Surprise Them with Their New Favorite Dental Duo

We all have that one loved one who’s obsessed with everything hygiene related. The trendy Tooth & Gum duo from Cosmic Body makes the perfect gift for the one that can’t get enough of the latest hygiene related gadgets or products. 


The duo includes:

Mouthwash alternative and ideal for oil pulling

Aids in tooth brightening and removing toxins 

For that Person Who You Never Know What to Get Them

Surprise Them with Our Best Sellers Gift Basket

This Best Sellers Gift Basket is ideal for birthdays, thank you’s, and really any occasion. If you’re looking for a gift for a colleague, a mother-in-law, or just someone you have a hard time shopping for, your search is over. Comprised of Camille Beckman’s best selling items, every item is a different scent. This is ideal, especially if you are unfamiliar with someone’s favorite perfume or go-to scent. The basket includes:

For the Entire Family

Give Them Something They Can Use Year Round with this Family Care Balms Set

The Camille Beckman Family Care Balms Set is perfect for the entire family to enjoy! The balms are all-natural, and are a gift that can be enjoyed every day. The Cough and Cold Balm is ideal for cold weather sickness. The Bug Balm works wonders at keeping mosquitoes at bay in the summer, and the Active Heat Muscle Balm is an all-natural substitute to the commonly used Icy Hot rub. The set includes:

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  • A few years ago, maybe 3 or 4, you had two wonderful Christmas lotions. I think one was Sugar Cookie. I can’t remember the other. Both my Mom and I absolutely loved them! I’ve been looking again every year, but I’ve never seen them again. We would live it if you’d bring those back again! Thank you! Marcia Anderson

    Marcia Anderson on

  • Subject: Hands & Shower Cleansing Gel – Oriental Spice

    I purchased several assorted fragrance gels last summer. Used two of them and loved. Recently started using Oriental Spice and very disappointed. The gel just clumps and doesn’t lather into a foam for washing. Instead it slides off my hands into sink and down the drain. A little bizarre to say the least, but true. Code. CZ0072 on bottle. Oriental Spice is my very favorite, but what’s wrong with this gel? Thank you.

    Gail Marder on

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