Healing Hand Health Routine

Healing Hand Health Routine

Healing Hand Health Routine

It’s more clear than ever that hand health is akin to overall health. Keeping our skin sanitized and moisturized is key to making sure we’re getting rid of germs and taking care of our natural barrier. Follow these steps every time to ensure your hands stay protected:

Wash hands thoroughly in warm water for at least 20 seconds with a cleansing soap, like our Unscented Hand and Shower Cleansing Gel, or choose the fragrance that brings you the most joy. Don’t forget the spots often missed when washing up, like in between the fingers, at the fingertips, and the backs of hands.

If hand soap or cleanser is not available, go for a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Our hand sanitizers are made with aloe vera and glycerin built in to offset the drying nature of alcohol. Try the Lavender Lemon Hand Sanitizer for a fresh floral scent, or Peppermint Orange and Clove Hand Sanitizer for an ultra fresh feeling. Rub a nickel-sized amount or a few sprays into the palms, fingers and backs of hands. 

Replenish the barrier on our skin that gets demolished by constant washing with a paraben-free, non greasy moisturizing cream. For those who love sweets, we recommend the French Vanilla Glycerin Hand Therapy for a warm, nostalgic scent reminiscent of fresh baked cookies. Try our Glycerin Hand Therapy in our signature scent, Camille, for a more soft, powdered floral scent. Since we use a very low fragrance amount in our production, both are excellent for skin sensitivities. 

Head to camillebeckman.com for more products made to keep your hands healthy and protected!



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