What inspires a company to provide excellence: the DNA of Camille Beckman's company culture

What inspires a company to provide excellence: the DNA of Camille Beckman's company culture

They say there is a DNA in every company, a golden string that carries a company, or any band of beings together.  At Camille Beckman, we are a company of people who ALWAYS do our best, and desire the growth of all things we value. 


It took me a long time to see what it was that brings certain types of people to this company, but it wasn’t until I dug into my own insecurities and started being aware of others that I figured out our common desire.  It doesn’t matter what department or individual you speak of, the moral fiber we all subscribe to here is the idea of doing our best. At the heart of our brand is a group of people who work hard.  Based on our values and vision, this translates into a mutual desire amongst all of us to offer a product and service that is truly beneficial to the customer; built with creativity, integrity and commitment.


This can be a challenge. Everyone has their own idea of what it means to do their best, and each department has their own set of daily tasks and long term commitments. To name a few: 


For our office team that means applying themselves to answering calls, making calls, working with reps, shipping retail orders and so much more. To be concise and caring with a customer, finding solutions even when it feels there are none. 


For accounting, it means making sure every bill is paid on time while keeping every department in sync, as many arms of the company operate at the same time.  It means the nuanced ability to collect money while also nurturing relationships, and holding our own company accountable to our commitments. It means making the decisions that are best for our company's longevity, with a meticulous eye on the bottom line, and a diligent watch over operations to optimize performance. 


For production, it means making every batch of product to perfection, packaging the products, adding the special touches and packing them to go out all over the country. It means sourcing, and developing relationships with farms and companies that hold similar values, a task that can be difficult at times in an increasingly complex world. It entails research, development and innovation on a weekly basis. 


For our marketing team, it means making new content daily that shares the beauty and story of our world, while finding new and innovative ways to help and provide value to our customers. It also means supplying sales and merchandising materials, designing catalogs and websites with every little detail in place, and designing packaging; It means aligning a wide breadth of creative energy with the needs of a company brand to fulfill a distinct yet sometimes longsighted purpose. 


For leadership, it means staying present in the midst of challenge or success alike.  It means researching and developing new products, guiding every full project piece by piece to completion, paying the bills, filing all the paperwork, helping every person on the team with their individual challenges, and being able to turn yourself on at any moment of any day to deliver the message that needs to be delivered or solve any challenge that arises. 


If you come into our factory, you will notice everyone does their work their own way. Some people apply themselves tediously moment to moment.  Some people wait until the pressure is on, giving something all they’ve got in a very short period of time. Both require people who desire a deep state of flow in their work. Some can determine next steps, some need direction to get started.  We may be very different in our processes, but everyone here loves to produce a product that goes beyond their expectations. 


I know this to be our company’s DNA because if someone doesn’t operate on that ‘program’, they rarely last more than a month or two.  Our team is built on a foundation of people who strive to excel within their part of the puzzle. 


I am grateful to be a part of this company and grateful to share my realizations on what brings us as humans together. 


Chief Executive Officer & Head of Product Development,

Roshan Jihan Roghani 

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Sophie Welch - May 18, 2021

This was a great find! Really happy to stumble across your blog! Thank you for making them shareable!

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