Complexion Brightening Routine

Complexion Brightening Routine

Complexion Brightening Routine

We all have a bright, glowing complexion waiting to be revealed, but many take the wrong steps to get there. Follow these skin brightening steps to ensure you’re not damaging your skin while going for the ultimate glow. 

  1. To start the skin brightening process, get rid of built up residue and old skin cells by exfoliating 1-3x weekly with an exfoliating cleanser or gentle scrub. Exfoliating every day can be damaging to our gentle, pliable face skin and may not give our skin enough time to regenerate. Our Walnut Shell + Cacao Exfoliating Cleanser is gentle enough to use regularly, with walnut shell particles to naturally remove debris and cacao for added antioxidants.
  2. Using a weekly mask or peel can help balance complexion and reveal healthy, new skin by removing dead skin cells from the surface. Masks work to infuse our skin with nutrients and diminish pore size to brighten skin, while peels remove the top layer of dead skin to reveal fresh skin underneath. Our Pumpkin + Turmeric Resurfacing Mask is a mask and peel all in one! 
  3. Follow up with a refreshing rose water mist as a toner for extra hydration, or as a refreshing skin pick me up throughout the day. Spritz away - you can’t over use a facial mist, so long as it’s 100% pure, with no witch hazel or alcohols, which dry out skin. Our Rosewater + Lemon Hydration mist is a clean formula, free from unnatural fragrances or fillers.
  4. Hydrate your skin with a moisturizing method that works for you. For the cleanest method, reach for a pump or two of body oil, like our Sweet Orange + Jojoba Restoration Oil. Avoid heavier oils that can clog pores. If you prefer a more traditional cream, try our Lipoic Acid + Citrus Night Creme for intense brightening and slight pigmentation correction. 
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