Camille Beckman's Guide to Personal Hygiene

Camille Beckman's Guide to Personal Hygiene

Camille Beckman's Guide to Personal Hygiene

Your health is important year-round. We all know how things are a bit uncertain right now, and we want to do our part to encourage you to take the necessary precautions you can in this time of change. If you’re curious about finding personal hygiene products that are both effective and gentle on skin, then look no further. We’ve outlined some of our favorite personal hygiene products that will leave hands clean and soft.   

Use soap when you can and hand sanitizer when you’re on the go

Proper hygienic practices are essential, especially during a global health crisis. Cleaning supplies are flying off the shelves, and basic essentials like soap and hand sanitizer are going quickly. Although we’ve been making soap for years, it’s only been in the last few weeks that we have stepped up our game and began making hand sanitizer to accommodate the public demand. They are going fast, and we are continuing to restock as often as possible. 

If given the choice between soap and hand sanitizer, it’s recommended by the CDC to stick with soap. For more information in regards to the science backing this up, click here. If you’re interested in CDC handwashing guidelines, click here

When soap isn’t available, then you’ll want a good hand sanitizer. We currently offer the choice between Lavender Lemongrass and Peppermint Orange & Clove, both made with isopropyl alcohol and 100% pure essential oils. 

What makes a good soap?

As already mentioned, proper hygiene practices should be practiced year-round, however, more people are washing their hands now and rightfully so. This may raise the question, what makes a good soap?

A good soap effectively kills germs and provides a good lather, while remaining gentle on the skin. Camille Beckman offers both liquid and bar soaps in a variety of scents. Our soaps are created to moisturize hands and are infused with rich, natural oils with no animal testing. 

Remember to moisturize!

Although frequent hand washing is necessary during this time, it can leave skin feeling dry and cracked (even with the best soaps!). 

To combat this, we recommend applying a deeply moisturizing lotion, such as our Unscented Glycerine Hand Therapy. A vegan, non-greasy formula designed to deeply moisturize even the driest of hands. 

Stay clean and stay calm 

These are uncertain times and the only power we have right now is over our own actions. Wash your hands, cough into your elbow, practice social distancing, wear a mask if necessary and continue to follow the CDC and WHO guidelines. The best thing we can do during this uncertain time is to listen to experts and remain kind, after all, we’re all in this together. 

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