No Shortages; It's Time to Bring American Manufacturing Home!

No Shortages; It's Time to Bring American Manufacturing Home!

No Shortages; It's Time to Bring American Manufacturing Home!
First things first, we are happy to let you know Camille Beckman currently has all products in- stock.  Anything we have out-of-stock during this holiday season will not be because of overseas supply chain issues, but due to running limited quantities on certain limited edition products on our part. We have worked endlessly the last ten years to ensure as much of our supply chain as possible stays on American soil, and while we have had some small difficulties, all the years of planning have come through and we have been fairly prepared through this challenge.  We are fully staffed, manufacturing on-site and shipping all orders to bring you the romantic, premium quality lotions and soaps you can expect from Camille Beckman through the holiday season!

Since the take-over of big-box retail and offshore manufacturing in the 90s, our founder Susan Camille has continued to preach the values of on-shore, American manufacturing.  For many years very few people listened to us, or valued what we had to say. But as they always say, the rooster does come home to roost....and this time it is hitting many of us big.  Daily I am receiving emails for companies apologizing for delayed merchandise due to Chinese electricity rations, supply chain disruptions and unloading cargo at the ports. While we are truly living in a global economy and there is value to the world functioning together, we also need to bring back the American spirit of INNOVATION and MAKING THINGS OURSELVES.  This is the cultural tenant without our company that has kept our brand operating fully in-house over the years.  From 'Research and Development' to 'Production' and 'Customer Service', we house all departments on-site and take pride in not just being sellers of fine goods, but also makers of them.

This holiday season, rest assured you can likely find what you need of Camille Beckman. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and appreciate your continued, loyal support of the Made in America movement.

With gratitude,

Roshan Roghani
Chief Executive Officer (and daughter of the iconic Camille Beckman herself)


  • New follower on IG. I support American made products!!

    Pat on

  • This is what I have loved so much about this brand: Beautiful products in beautiful packaging, unique formulas and quality that is not interchangeable with grocery and department store brands and true investment in your community, right down to investing in the very romantic restaurant and events venue.

    Beauty is important, beautiful places and moments spent with nurturing products soothe the soul and bring an easy comfort. Nothing is more needed during these trying times.

    Thank you for the lovely world you have created and I look forward to being able to continue taking part through enjoying your products.

    ARose on

  • I and my family have been using Camille Beckman products for over 20 years. The hand & foot creams are one of my adult children’s favorite Christmas & Birthday Gifts! This Christmas they were using what they had very sparingly & couldn’t wait until Christmas was here, so they could replenish their stock. Please keep making your product in America! I am very proud of you for using the ingredients that you nurture right in your fields. Thank you again!

    Connie Seidl on

  • Camille Beckman is an amazing hand cream, I just wish you would create more fragrances that are fruit scented like the orange and blackberry lavender that you are discontinuing. I really love fruit flavored scents, I wish you would offer more of them instead of the just floral scents that give me a headache.


  • Thank you for your stance! It’s shocking to find out how many products are produced overseas and not in the United States. Especially medical supplies.

    Anonymous on

  • I appreciate your made in America stance.
    I will look to your company more often for my needs (or wants!).
    Thank you!

    Tiffany on

  • I absolutely agree! If you love your country and love the earth, you purchase American-made products!

    Josephine Baldwin on

  • I have been using Camille Beckman products for years because of the high quality of the products and the professional and flawless service. Your belief in “Bring American Manufacturing Home” is
    the real “icing on the cake”.

    Made in America with American resources takes Camille Beckman from “outstanding” to “out of this world” for quality from the first ingredient melded with others to the last employee to touch the products. Thank you for a company and products that can be relied on!

    Jean H. on

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