Glycerin Bar Soap: What it is and its Benefits

Glycerin Bar Soap: What it is and its Benefits

Glycerin Bar Soap: What it is and its Benefits

The Camille Beckman Relationship with Glycerin

One of Camille Beckman’s most popular products are our glycerine bar soaps; translucent, beautifully colored, and lightly fragranced in our signature fragrances (we have unscented too!). As a matter of fact, our love for glycerin is what truly kickstarted Camille Beckman. Our founder, Susan Camille Beckman Roghani, who has always had a passion for research and development, ordered her first gallon of vegetable glycerin when she was a young girl. Curious about hand creams, flower preservation, and soap-making, she became fascinated with the transformative and healing properties of vegetable glycerin and thus, Camille Beckman was born with our trademark Glycerine Hand Therapy™ being our number one best selling product for over 30 years.

What is Glycerin?

Vegetable glycerin, the primary ingredient in our bar soaps and most used ingredient across most of our products, is a colorless and odorless lipid derived from palm, grape seed, and/or coconut oils. The vegetable glycerin we use at Camille Beckman is sustainable and RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified. There is trust that the glycerin we use is meticulously selected and outsourced to ensure a food-grade safe and non-toxic product.

Benefits of Using Glycerin Bar Soap

Though it is spelled "glycerin" in the English language, our soaps are printed with the European spelling "glycerine" which stems from the European influence and secret that glycerin bar soap is truly a soap of many purposes and benefits. It is gentle and safe to use on sensitive skin and all skin types as it is neutral in pH which balances our naturally slightly acidic skin. Above all, glycerin by its natural compound is a humectant which in simpler terms, means that it attracts moisture; leaving the skin soft, supple, and nourished. As opposed to many forms of soaps, glycerin bar soap is non-drying. Glycerin is especially helpful to use during the colder seasons as the air lacks moisture and our skin becomes drier. It’s also great to help soothe and reduce inflammation among other common skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. It is also believed that glycerin has anti-aging properties and can even be used to wash your hair or wash your dog!

Our Best Selling Glycerine Bar Soaps  

  1. Camille, our lightly fragranced signature floral is among our top selling Glycerine Bar Soaps with a translucent and soft pink color.

  2. Unscented, is a popular favorite among those who have fragrance or skin sensitivities or just want to keep things light & simple!

  3. French Vanilla, our signature gourmand fragrance of cozy, creamy vanilla deliciousness with sensual top notes of brown sugar and caramel. A timeless Camille Beckman classic and fragrance favorite for decades.

Our Newest Glycerine Bar Soaps

  1. White Peach & Creamy Gardenia, lightly fragranced with notes of juicy white peach and creamy floral gardenia, this refreshing soap comes in a translucent peach color! This new floral fragrance is now offered in a collection featuring other products that also contain vegetable glycerin! 

  2. Blackberry Lavender, lightly fragranced with notes of sun-kissed lavender and tangy blackberry, this refreshing soap comes in a translucent lavender color! Check out our collection!

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  • I LOVE Camille’s glycerine soaps! Have been using hers soaps for over 8 years. Prior to that I used lubriderm lotion and had to apply daily. As a retired RN suffered very dry, red hands – along with actinic keratosis on my hands and not one creme or lotion provided relief or resolve. Camille’s soaps, cremes and lotions have. My favorite lotion/creme scents are Camille and English Lavender.
    Soaps – I buy all scents. All fragrances are fresh and light. Thanks Camille❤️

    Sherry on

  • I regularly use the Glycerine Rosewater soap of which I am a fan. Please do not stop offering it, I would be out of options without it!

    Josephine Baldwin on

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