Healing Routine for Ultra Dry Faces

Healing Routine for Ultra Dry Faces

Healing Routine for Ultra Dry Faces

Our faces take on a lot every day, and our skin routines should support our natural oil production to ensure our skin doesn’t get overly dry. Try these tips to heal ultra dry face skin, no matter the season or weather: 

  1. Skip the harsh cleanser full of detergent and reach for something that partners with your skin, like an oil cleanser made with a face-safe oil, like our Jojoba + Orange Face and Body Oil. Use a few pumps to remove makeup and and protect the skin barrier. Double cleansing with a gentle cleanser like our Jasmine + Honey Daily Radiance Cleanser can help remove excess debris. 
  2. Follow up with a refreshing rose water mist as a toner for extra hydration, Take care that it’s 100% pure, with no skin drying agents like witch hazel or alcohols. Our Rosewater + Lemon Hydration mist is a clean formula, free from unnatural fragrances or fillers. 
  3. For the cleanest means of moisturization, free from any fillers, stick to your face oil (the same one you used to oil cleanse) and hydrate with an extra pump at the end of your routine. If you prefer traditional creams, choose something deeply hydrating and rich in vitamin content, like our Eucalyptus + Rose Extra Rich Complexion Creme. 
  4. Feel free to hydrate throughout the day with your Rosewater hydration mist for an extra skin pick me up!


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