Team Favorites; The Camille Beckman family shares their favorite products and home remedies

Team Favorites; The Camille Beckman family shares their favorite products and home remedies

Team Favorites; The Camille Beckman family shares their favorite products and home remedies

By Ariana Watson

Meet our Camille Beckman employees as they share their favorite healing and wellness secrets, alongside their favorite Camille Beckman products. While everyone has their preferences, we did find that our signature Glycerine Hand Therapy Camille  hand cream was a crowd favorite. We also found that coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are popular ingredients in many of their home remedies.   


Rocio works in the Camille Beckman warehouse, where she helps with the packaging and shipping of products. Rocio has been with us for five years. 

“I haven’t bought anything else [skincare products] in the five yars I’ve been here,” she says smiling. 

Favorite Camille Beckman Product:

Her favorite products? Our Blackberry Lavender hand cream, Frosty Mint hand cream, and the oil Jasmine + Honey Daily Radiance Cleansing Cream

Go-to Home Remedy

Her go-to natural remedies include using both coconut oil as a natural moisturizer and brown sugar for body scrubs. 


Rudy works alongside Rocio in the warehouse and has been working with us since 1995. 

Favorite Camille Beckman product:

His favorite product? Our hand creams, including our signature Glycerine Hand Therapy Camille hand cream which in his own words, “Smells like roses”.  

Rudy also enjoys using our Imperial Repair Hand Therapy Platinume Gold hand cream.

“I wouldn’t buy anywhere else, I don’t,” says Rudy of the skincare products that Camille Beckman offers. 


Xahn has been with us for over twenty years and currently works in the warehouse adding the Special Touch to our products and retail orders.  This job includes putting together gift sets, applying soap labels and rosebuds, and picking and packing your retail orders, ensuring that everything is wrapped beautifully in our signature pink tissue. 

Favorite Camille Beckman Product:

Xahn enjoys using our Silky Body Cream Camille after she takes a shower for its moisturizing properties. She also loves our signature Glycerine Hand Therapy Camille hand cream for everyday use. 

Go-to Home Remedy

Her go-to home remedies includes using coconut oil in her hair for a deep moisturizing treatment, and using apple cider vinegar in her home and health routines. 


Lucy has been working at Camille Beckman since day two. To date, she’s been here for 33 years and counting. She manages the Special Touch department and orders every label you’ve ever seen from us.  Lucy is our go-to-gal for detail work and is key in everything from the formulation and filling of body powders to figuring out how to cost-effectively scale a project from 200 units to 20,000. 

Favorite Camille Beckman Product:

Lucy’s favorite product is our popular Glycerine Hand Therapy Camille

“It smells similar to Chanel No. 5, perhaps that’s why it’s our best seller”, she says smiling. Like Rudy, she also enjoys using our Imperial Repair Hand Therapy Platinume Gold hand cream as well.

Go-to Home Remedy:

For home remedies, Lucy swears by her grandmother’s cough syrup recipe.  

“You take an onion, cut it in half, and then sprinkle sugar on top. You let the sugar sit on the onion and wait until it melts. It forms a syrup like consistency once it’s melted. You use that as cough syrup.”

Lucy also is a big believer in the healing powers of chamomile. 

“It’s antibacterial and so gentle, other products are just too harsh,” she says. 

Lucy likes to use chamomile on babies because of its soothing properties.

“You can bathe a baby in chamomile. If a baby has acne-like spotting on their face, you can use chamomile to soothe it. If there is eye irritation, you can put two tea bags over the eyes to relax the skin around the eyes.

Lastly, Lucy likes to use salt and water to help with mouth abrasions. 

“A lot of other products made for this purpose are too harsh,” she says. 

If you have a tooth extraction, sore throat, or abrasion in the mouth, salt water works well as an anti-bacterial.


Diane first started at Camille Beckman 24 years ago, working as a stay at home mom, applying our signature rose buds to jars of hand therapy. 

“It allowed me to be a stay at home mom and also have work.” 

After doing that for 12 years, Diane then began work at Camille Beckman’s production facility, and has been working in the factory for an additional 12 years. She now serves as our Warehouse Manager.  

Favorite Camille Beckman Product:

Her favorite product for the summer time includes the Platinume Imperial Gold Body Milk, why?

Because it keeps the mosquitos away!

“The lemongrass ingredient used in the body cream is a natural mosquito repellent. I don’t use bug spray, I just use the body cream in the summer,” says Diane.

Her other go to Camille Beckman product is anything french vanilla scented. When asked about which is her favorite French Vanilla product, she says, “All of them!”

Go-to Home Remedy:

For natural remedies, she recommends using local honey as a cure to allergies. 

“My husband takes a tablespoon every day, either alone, or with a drink or in his cereal. He hasn’t needed to take an allergy pill in years.” 

Other noteworthy natural cures includes cayenne pepper as anticide. Her husband uses that to help with his acid reflux.

Lastly, Diane enjoys using aloe vera gel not just for soothing dry or damaged skin, but for thickening and moisturizing her hair. 

Diane spends much of her time researching home remedies and is excited to give us more updates in the year to follow!


Tykena just celebrated her one year anniversary as our Digital Marketing Manager.  

Favorite Camille Beckman Product:

For body care, Tykena is a big fan of our multipurpose balms including our Cough and Cold Balm, which serves multiple uses including congestion relief and can be used as a steam inhalant. She also enjoys using our restorative Foot Treatment cream, in the scent Camille.

For skin care, Tykena enjoys using Pumpkin + Turmeric Mask

“It’s similar to other products I’ve used, but requires less time for the same kind of treatment,” she says. 

Go-to Home Remedy:

Keeping in line with healing remedies for coughs and colds, Tykena is also a fan of the medicinal powers of ginger. She uses powdered ginger mixed into hot water to create a tea that helps fight cough, cold, nausea, and reduce stress. The best part about powdered ginger is that it can be easily found at any grocery store and can come in bulk as well. 


Lori has been with Camille Beckman for two and a half years and currently works in our office. She is notorious for her knowledge on healing herbs and always has the most honest feedback and suggestions for our Research & Development team. When you call in about a question on your order, it’s likely you’ll be speaking with Lori or her office comrade Danielle. 

Favorite Camille Beckman product:

Her favorite Camille Beckman products includes the smells and nourishing properties of our Tuscan Honey, Oriental Spice and French Vanilla scented products. Her go-to scent changes based on what mood she is most feeling in the moment.

Go-to Home Remedy:

Lori boasts an array of home remedies, including making her own balms and toothpaste. However, her favorite thing to make are tinctures for things such as sleep or anxiety, or just relaxation in general. 


As the daughter of our founder, Roshan as been a part of Camille Beckman since childhood. She has worked in every department, minus shipping, at some point in her life, and has been a full time employee of Camille Beckman for 10 years and counting. 

Favorite Camille Beckman Product:

It’s difficult for her to narrow it down to just one product. She uses Mom and Baby Balm for herself and her children. She enjoys using our Sweet Orange + Jojoba Oil, French Vanilla Body Cream, and our Unscented Glycerine Hand Therapy hand cream for deep skin restoration. 

For skincare, Roshan enjoys using our Walnut Shell + Cacao Cleanser and our Rosewater + Lemon Mist

Go-to Home Remedy:

From cleaning the house, cooking, doing laundry or washing her hair, Roshan recommends using apple cider vinegar. The benefits of using apple cider vinegar don’t stop just there, if you would like to see what other uses this multipurpose substance has to offer, click here to find a surprising and extensive list of more uses for this diverse product. 

For bug bites, mosquito bites, stings and minor cuts, Roshan likes to use the plantain plant for it’s healing powers. The plant is commonly found in yards and gardens, and all you need to do it chew the plant with your mouth to form a poultice, take it out, and apply to whatever scrap or bite you may have. You can also easily make your own salve with the plantain plant if you feel so inclined.  

Susan Camille:

In 1984, Susan moved back to Idaho to start Camille Beckman. Within just a couple years, the company had employed 25 women. Today Susan continues to oversee the technical aspects of her business and spends much of her time focused on the blossoming ‘Gardens at Camille Beckman’ and the ‘Chateau des Fleurs’, an on-site event center, restaurant and tea room. 

Favorite Camille Beckman product:

Her favorite product to date is sadly our shampoo, which was discontinued a while ago. Her favorite product now is our Healthy Glow Face Cream.

Since Camille Beckman is famous for our glycerine hand creams, so Susan says her favorite is a tie between Glycerine Hand Therapy in English Lavender and the Unscented Glycerine Hand Therapy.   

Go-to Home Remedy:

For cuts and scrapes, Susan recommends washing the wound with apple cider vinegar and then taking a clove of garlic and crushing it into the wound. The healing properties are in the juices from the garlic, hence why it’s important to crush into the wound. 

For toothaches, mouth sores, and cuts inside the mouth, Susan likes to use powdered white oak bark. It serves as a natural astringent, relieves pain, and helps tighten loose or swollen gum tissue.

Our Camille Beckman team is committed to creating products that are good for you, our children, and the planet. When you shop at Camille Beckman, you can shop with the knowledge and comfort that those making the products you love, love them just as much as you do. 

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