5 Hand Care Tips For Women Over 60

Do you have dry, cracked hands? If so, this blog post is for you! We are going to provide 5 hand care tips that will help make your hands look and feel better.


1. Ingredients are extremely important! Use hand creams that have glycerine and real oil-base instead of cream with mineral oils or silicones. Mineral oils and silicones create a false layer on the skin and make your skin even dryer with time. The main ingredients in your hand cream should be glycerine, a pure oil like almond or olive oil, and clean saturated fatty acid like stearic acid and acetyl alcohol.  

2. Wash your hands as often as possible instead of using sanitizer. The alcohol in the sanitizer makes the skin very dry.

3. Don't over soap your hands, use one pump of soap only. Using a lot of soap is not good for your skin, surfactants are very drying to the skin.

4. When using hand cream with fragrances, use products from companies that focus on formulas for sensitive and aging skin. Beware of fragranced hand creams with cheap ingredients and high alcohol levels that leave your hands even dryer.

5. Apply Glycerine based hand cream before bed, not just during the day. Night time is a great time to apply more cream to get your skin even softer overnight. Try using gloves and socks after applying the hand cream to increase long-term termination and really heal those big cracks.


For many women over 60, a day without hand care may seem like no big deal. But it’s important to take time to look after your hands because they are the first thing people see and touch when they meet you.

With age comes many changes. Wrinkles, dryness, skin thinning and splitting all lead to more frequent visits to the dermatologist or esthetician. The hands are often neglected because they're not as exposed to sun damage or wear-and-tear as other areas of the body. But with neglect come problems like wrinkles that never fade away and cracked fingers that never heal.

The ingredients in your hand cream are extremely important! Use hand creams that have glycerine and real oil-base instead of cream with mineral oils or silicones.

At Camille Beckman, we pride ourselves in using all natural kosher glycerine. This product is a humectant which draws moisture to the skin and helps prevent wrinkles. Glycerin can be made from either vegetable or animal fat but at our company we only use it when it's sourced naturally!

What is glycerine?

Glycerine, also spelled as glycerin and known as glycerol, is an odorless and colorless liquid that can be found in nature. It’s typically made from vegetable or animal fat, but can also be made synthetically as well. However, at Camille Beckman we pride ourselves in using all natural, kosher glycerine in our products.

What makes it good for the skin?

Glycerine is a humectant, which is a substance that retains moisture. Humectants work by drawing moisture from the air and delivering it to the skin. Because of it’s moisturizing abilities, glycerine helps prevent wrinkles, breakouts, and improves the overall health of the skin.  

What does glycerine do to your body?

  • Performs as a natural moisturizer
  • Repairs damaged skin
  • Aids in repairing skin tissue and healing scars
  • Prevents wrinkles and fine lines
  • Treats skin infections

How can glycerine help relieve dry skin?

Glycerine’s moisturizing virtues make it a wonderful ingredient in skincare. It’s ability to retain moisture in the skin helps those with especially dry or cracked skin.

Glycerine is an ingredient that can be found in a majority of the products we create here at Camille Beckman. Rest assured that the glycerine found in our products is kosher and natural, derived from plants. We don’t test on animals and take pride in creating wholesome, natural products with love and care.

Featured Products

GLYCERINE HAND THERAPY™ 6oz Unscented - Camille Beckman

GLYCERINE HAND THERAPY™ 6oz Unscented - Camille Beckman


1. Use Cream-based Cosmetics on your face (not powder-based). Powder adds texture to skin that already has developed texture.

2. Find a tone of lipstick that matches your inner lip or gums.

3. Don’t recreate the brows you had in your 20s. Women older than 50 tend to lose definition in their eyebrows. Just go with that.

4. Do not wear any eyeshadow at all.Especially no contour in the crease because it gives the appearance of deepening the crease. A little bit of mascara is OK.

5. Tinted Moisturizers don’t work.If you’re going to use a foundation to even out skin tone, find one that gives coverage but doesn’t add texture. Be willing to spend money on a foundation and take your time to experiment and find the exact right shade. Matching your skin tone exactly is critical.

It’s more clear than ever that hand health is akin to overall health. Keeping our skin sanitized and moisturized is key to making sure we’re getting rid of germs and taking care of our natural barrier. Follow these steps every time to ensure your hands stay protected:

Wash hands thoroughly in warm water for at least 20 seconds with a cleansing soap, like our Unscented Hand and Shower Cleansing Gel, or choose the fragrance that brings you the most joy. Don’t forget the spots often missed when washing up, like in between the fingers, at the fingertips, and the backs of hands.

If hand soap or cleanser is not available, go for a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Our hand sanitizers are made with aloe vera and glycerin built in to offset the drying nature of alcohol. Try the Lavender Lemon Hand Sanitizer for a fresh floral scent, or Peppermint Orange and Clove Hand Sanitizer for an ultra fresh feeling. Rub a nickel-sized amount or a few sprays into the palms, fingers and backs of hands.

Replenish the barrier on our skin that gets demolished by constant washing with a paraben-free, non greasy moisturizing cream. For those who love sweets, we recommend the French Vanilla Glycerin Hand Therapy for a warm, nostalgic scent reminiscent of fresh baked cookies. Try our Glycerin Hand Therapy in our signature scent, Camille, for a more soft, powdered floral scent. Since we use a very low fragrance amount in our production, both are excellent for skin sensitivities.

Head to camillebeckman.com for more products made to keep your hands healthy and protected!

At Camille Beckman, we pride ourselves in using the very best ingredients within all of our formulations. We are known to spend years cultivating the perfect ingredients and ratios for our formulations and strive for complete transparency with our customers.

Our collection is always 100% natural and utilizes essential oils, herbal remedies and ancient beauty secrets to help you find real solutions to create a life of whole happiness.

When your skin is dry, cracked and painful, the simplest parts of life can feel difficult. It comes with physical pain, embarrassment, and can even turn into long term skin and health complications. Cheap ingredients, greasy formulas and products made without long term consideration for the people and planet only add to the problem. If you’re going to spend money and time to find a solution, it better work!

GLYCERINE HAND THERAPY™ 6oz Unscented - Camille Beckman

GLYCERINE HAND THERAPY™ 6oz Unscented - Camille Beckman

GLYCERINE HAND THERAPY™ 6oz Unscented - Camille Beckman

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"The hand cream makes my hands feel soft & protected."

Very nice product. I have used the hand cream for several years. It makes my hands soft & it smells great.
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"Younger. Softer!"

The best product ever for my super dry skin. I would get compliments on my soft skin. The scent is like a day at the beach.
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Soft Hands

Always great. I have been using your product for years. I highly recommend it to all my friends.
Lucille C.

Our Story

When we started Camille Beckman, we were focused on perfuming and dry goods. Susan Camille, our Founder, spent the majority of her time with her hands in the dirt, harvesting baby’s breath and crafting in the evening. Her hands and feet were dry, tired and cracking. That’s when she found our Aunt Rose’s Hand Cream formula. Making her own rendition with vegetable glycerin and sweet almond oil, her hands started healing after one use. Better yet, the more she washed them, the more it re-activated on her hands, continuing to moisturize instead of needing constant re-application. Always a creative soul, Susan found she had a great knack for formulating super hydrating formulas with safe, quality ingredients. When customers started using our Glycerine Hand Therapy, they would always come back for more, and soon demanded an entire line of products to be built around our same principles of hydration and restoration. Since then, Camille Beckman has sold over 20 million jars of our Signature Glycerine Hand Therapy, serving repeat customers all over the world who rely on us EVERY SINGLE DAY.

All Camille Beckman Products are tailor-made for conscious women.

We care about making our products safe and healthy for you—and our planet. That’s why we use no extra packaging, no parabens or phthalates. We also never test our products on animals.

GLYCERINE HAND THERAPY™ 6oz Unscented - Camille Beckman

GLYCERINE HAND THERAPY™ 6oz Unscented - Camille Beckman


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