Midnight Monarch
Glycerine Hand Therapy™ 8oz
Product Highlights
  • No animal testing
  • Top rated hand cream online
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Kosher vegetable glycerin
  • Signature herbal complex infused with vitamins and anti-oxidants
Product DescriptionOur most popular size. The crown jewel of Camille Beckman, our signature Glycerine Hand Therapy has been America’s best selling hand cream for over 18 years. Made with nature’s best moisturizer, kosher vegetable glycerin, and ample amounts of sweet almond oil to soothe and condition; then sealed with our signature herbal complex to brighten and restore the skin to it’s original soft touch. Versatile in its use, it’s the perfect day and night cream for those with normal, weathered skin all the way to those with rough skin, calluses and dry spots. We’re not saying it’s a miracle, but we’re proud that generations of Camille customers believe it is!
Fragrance Description

Bold bergamot base notes mingle gently with heady, rich damask rose. Accented with opulent orange orchid and delicate notes of amber and patchouli.

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My Grandma & Me

I first used this Glycerine hand cream as a little girl while vacationing at my Grandma's house in Northern Michigan. It was summertime on the lakes by the woods. It was the first time I experienced the scent of White Lilac and the the softness of glycerine cream. She took me to a small gift shoppe in a nearby town, and bought for me a small jar of my own. I forgot what the name of it was until years later, when I saw the little blue flower on the white lid in a small gift shoppe in Pennsylvania. I was surprised to learn there are many different scents! I now live in NYC and have reconnected to this line on Facebook and the website. I am excited to buy a gift basket soon. Glycerine is one of the best kinds of natural moisturizers to use, as it attracts water. Truly works and I'm happy to see they are connecting to social technology. Thanks!

Hand therapy

I love it makes ur hands feel so nice & very soft & it last , u dnt have to keep applying it. Very happy & glad I brought it



Classic, Elegant, Timeless

Excellent quality


This lotion is great! We have really bad dry skin in our family and this works better than anything else I've tried.

Best cream ever!!!!

Glycerine and rosewater is the best ever. The fragrance is just wonderful. Not over powering. Love, love, love this stuff!!


Excellent quality! A truly fantastic product!

no other lotion is as good

I discovered Camille Beckman products years ago when my daughter was buying little gifts for her friends and bought an assortment of the .25 ounce party favor lotions. I tried some of them and was amazed how moisturizing the lotions were. I went back to the gift shop where we bought the lotions and decided that I liked the Rosewater Glycerine Hand Therapy was my favorite scent. It is the closest to a true rose scent of any other brands, and I have sniffed most of them. This lotion helps my hands stay soft even in the winters in the Chicago area. I have found that it even augments healing when I apply it to skin irritations. I have to be careful when I pet our dogs after putting on the lotion because they think it tastes wonderful and will lick it off. I have given it as gifts to many people and would like to give it to more people if I knew which scents they prefer. It is hard to find a store with all of the scents. I love it so much that I even got the 32 ounce size once. I don't think I will ever find a better lotion. It is heavenly.


Best hand cream/body cream ever!

Smells exotic

It' s also smells delicioso thank u.....