Spa Botanicals Skincare Value Box ($170 Value)

Original Price $170.00
Current Price $149.00

From sacred herbs and flower waters, fruit powders, natural acids, essential oils and more; our intent was to use as many whole ingredients as possible, formulated with transformative chemistry to help clean, moisturize and retain a loving microbiome within and upon the skin.

Value Box contains;

(1) Sweet Orange + Jojoba Face, Body, & Hair Restoration Oil

(1) Rosewater + Lemon Brightening & Toning Hydration Mist

(1) Walnut Shell + Cacao Gentle Renewal Exfoliating Cleanser

(1) Jasmine + Honey Daily Radiance Cleansing Cream

(1) Pumpkin + Turmeric Brightening Renewal Alpha Hydroxy Resurfacing Mask

(1) Eucalyptus + Rose Extra Rich Night Time Complexion Creme

(1) Lipoic Acid + Citrus Brightening Renewal Intensive Night Creme


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